Rarely do I get star struck and I’ve seen my fair share of celebrities. Usually elite athletes who have made the cross-over into pop culture (Phelps, Armstrong, Hincapie). And of all places be rendered speechless is Outdoor Retailer show. But it happened….and I learned the hard way….with Sharon Jones.

Last night, Ms. Jones played The Twilight Concert Series at Pioneer Park here in Salt Lake City – she put on a phenomenal show. And with some boldness I don’t necessarily possess, Ben and Ryan at the STANLEY Built for Life decided to contact Ms. Jones through Facebook and in a move that proved to be a prime example of her truly amazing spirit, she responded…and invited them to the evening’s show.

But that wasn’t all she did – besides giving them backstage passes (score one for Nancy S.), Ms. Jones also joined the group for an after-show drink. She has an incredible attitude and is so generous, down-to-earth, and lovely. What an awesome lady — coming from the “Female James Brown”….

If you don’t know her music, do it. Now.