myo rxpBuilding on the success of its earlier MYO headlamp, Petzl’s new MYO RXP takes the same basic lamp and makes it programmable to personalize to each user’s specific needs. The $99 light still has a tilting lamp, three power settings (plus flashing), and its signature feature — a lens that can be flipped into place to soften and spread the beam for reading, bike repair, etc. But now the three power settings can be programmed according to the user’s needs. There are actually 10 power settings from which any three can be set; so for instance, you can set a 10 (l40 lumens, 50 hours) for a rocky run, a 6 for when the trail smoothes out, and a 1 (8 lumens, 95 hours) to read the map. And these can be changed any time for a different activity. Plus, the first eight settings are regulated, so there is minimal fade in power until the batteries are almost dead.
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